​Can Xisquet it is a house from the category 4 spikes (superior category) found between Montseny Natural Park and the Guilleries, it becomes a very quiet place where to relax. Its location means that without having to make long mountain trails, the road is not seen nor heard.


​Close to can Xisquet  you find:

LA SALA: House wall and fortified medieval tower. It was the birthplace of the famous bandit of the sixteenth century, Joan Sala known by the nickname Serrallonga.

ESPINZELLA: Set includes architectural buildings, Romanesque, Gothic and neoromàniques the XII, XV, XIX, respectively. Noted for his work on red sandstone

CA L'HERBOLARI: Stately home with great architectural details of Catalan Modernism, where he lived Jaume Bofill apothecary of the Crown of Aragon.
ESPAI MONTSENY: from community environmental center, with two permanent exhibition spaces, water and tree, where you can enjoy films, pictures, interactive ...
Montseny Natural Park is part of the World Heritage, is a Biosphere Reserve in Central Europe and Mediterranean landscapes. A place to enjoy the many guided tours, walking and driving routes.

PAITIDES SOURCE: The paitides are fairies that protect and monitor the sources of the village. Is the source known as flows in times of drought.

Can ​Xis​quet

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