In addition the spaces on the photographies, the house has:

   Laundry room with laundry, washing machine, dryer, ironing board and iron.
   Games room with table tennis, darts and various games.


​   Barbecue



Views of the Montseny natural park.




Rustic entrance that gives direct access to the meeting room, dining room, games room  and the stairs to the upper floor.




Fully equipped kitchen with appliances A +.


Living room


Space with stereo, television and fireplace.

Dining room


Meeting room


Living room with a library where you can find information about environments and activities close by.


Music room


Living room with CD player, cassette, music library and a small keyboard.

In the living room you can enjoy beautiful views outside.


Swimming Pool


Enclosed area with a small dressing room with bathroom.


Can ​Xis​quet

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